Primal Dreams (DVD)

Primal Dreams DVD

Many people can’t understand why hunters get up before dawn, crawling from their warm nests with little more than a cup of coffee to fuel lonesome ventures. To some, no sane reason is ample excuse to willingly shiver and sweat hours that turn to months. A rapid pulsed society provokes many to neglect, even miss, some of the finest things in life; family, friends, health and a true appreciation of God’s creations. Take time to smell the pines, the sagebrush and wildflowers. Genuine wealth cannot be measured monetarily. Today’s dreams can be tomorrow’s memories. In the hearts of men, only fools never dream. The journey is more significant than the purpose.

“Primal Dreams” is a journey through the visions of men who live to be outdoors. It is a statement of not what we do, but who we are. Share the adventure of hunting as it should be. Feel with us the romance and beauty of the outdoor experience seen through the eyes of woodsmen. Stunning scenery, majestic wildlife and spectacular music accompany the thrill of the chase. This is what dreams are made of. Join us in the substance of our being.


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